When you purchase an investment property in the Santa Clara and San Benito areas, you may want to rent out the space to local residents or business owners. Whether you own a commercial property or a residential property, the professionals at H & M Property Management offer the services and assistance you need to accomplish your goals.

Our team of experienced professionals has been handling the challenges of renting out a property since 1962. We manage over 100 million dollars in assets and we have the right staff that knows how to take care of your property. We run a background check and credit check on potential residents before they move into your investment property. We also ensure that each resident understands your rules and standards when they consider renting the unit.

Since we recognize that emergencies and problems may occur when you rent out a property, we provide an online system that allows your tenants to report problems and request maintenance at any time. We also handle emergencies in a timely manner to address problems before they worsen or cause complications for your goals. Allow us to handle the paperwork, details and challenges of renting out your investment properties so you can focus on other goals or interests.