Buyers: Purchasing or selling a property seems complicated, particularly if you have never owned a home or property in the past. At H & M Property Management, we realize that you may have questions about the process and concerns about handling a new property. That is why we make the process as simple as possible.

Investors: As an active investor, Heidi and her team of realtors know how to underwrite a property. We can handle the process of scrolling through available properties on and off the market and listing the properties in an effective manner. Our team also offers syndication for apartments. If you want to acquire an apartment complex, then we are open to being a partner in the acquisition and assisting with the process.

We recognize the variation between options and creative real estate. We help you purchase or sell residential and commercial properties based on your goals and plans. Allow us to simplify your search for a property or to assist with the sale when you are ready to move forward with your investment plans.