Investment properties seem complicated, particularly when you purchase a property that requires a little work. You may need to make changes to the property before you rent out the space. You may also need to consider the possibility of problems caused by your tenants if they damage the property.

At H & M Property Management, we recognize that you may have concerns about safety of the property. That is why we offer rehabilitation services and renovation solutions to keep your property up-to-date and ready for new tenants to move into the space. We handle the paperwork and hire appropriate professionals based on the amount of work you need and the goals of the renovation.

Since a property may need repairs in certain situations, we also keep you updated on the repairs and the costs associated with repairs. Allow us to handle the renovations and ensure that your investment property or home is ready for your plans. Whether you want to sell the property or start renting it out to local residents, we make the process of rebuilding and improving your property simple.